Small Beer, my favourite Kakapo

I was trying to update things chronologically but I can’t hold out any longer from popping a Kakapo piccie here. This is a young male bird, and currently named Stanley Green in honour of a fine light ale brewed in Invercargill, although that’s likely to change to something a little more PC in the months to come. He was investigating a log at the side of a track I was surveying for geckos from and was a most obliging and quietly inquisitive model for me. I snapped away furiously to get away as quickly as possible as these birds need to be as wild as possible, and with the famous Sirocco being enough trouble as it is, their recovery doesn’t need any more tame ‘pos wandering the island. I don’t like to be anthropomorphic, but he’s a cute dude for sure.

Kakapo, Strigops habroptila, or Stanley Green to his mates

~ by motolorax on February 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Small Beer, my favourite Kakapo”

  1. Hi James, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog and your website – you are obviously very talented, committed and enthusiastic about what you do! I’m actually a bit jealous, especially because you got to get as close as the above to a kakapo (although I ‘vollied’ on Codfish back in 2006 it was the end of the season and all the lovely kakapo were being shy). Thank you for sharing your photos and experiences, and I loom forward to seeing more 🙂 Becki

    • Cheers mate! Yes it’s a special place with some very special beasties. I’m now back in the office briefly and will do my best to put up a selection of images from Whenua Hou. Looks like a small breeding season this year, nothing as crazy as last thankfully. Anchor also looking good on the rimu front so fingers crossed for more po chickies.

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