Catching a Kakapo, retransmittering Ralph

Kakapo are amongst the most threatened birds in the world, numbering presently at 123. I’m privileged through my work to spend a bit of time with these wonderful, flightless giants. This is a short video I’ve made for the children of a very good friend of mine.

I do apologise about the sound, it was shot on my little digital point&shoot, and whilst around Ralph I was also whispering so you’ll need to turn your volume right up to hear it properly. Framing in a few shots leaves something to be desired also..

~ by motolorax on April 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Catching a Kakapo, retransmittering Ralph”

  1. Cool video! I love how Ralph just runs those few metres to get away and is like ‘phew, I’m safe, can’t see them any more so of course they can’t see me!’

    Don’t suppose you remember what that particularly muddy bit of track is called? The only track names I can remember are Wounded Knee and Hell!

  2. I think the muddy bit (had to get some nice squelchy mud in there for little James and Ollie, young boys love mud) was somewhere around Rimu and D&B I think. We’re having quite a dry spell at the moment so tracks are lovely but weather crapping out today to the point that we’re sorting a chopper to get us off. Cheers, j

  3. Hi James, what an excellent video, the Island looks beautiful and wild. The Rimu was wonderful, I could sit and look at it for hours. Ralph was fairly adorable too, I can just imagine him closing his eyes and counting to 20 in hope that you would be gone when he opened them again! N =]

    • When the sun is shining, as it was that day, it is magical, and with the wee green fellows toddling through the ferns it certainly is one of those places where, if you ignore the outside world for a moment, all seems right with the world 🙂

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