Meet the Locals Conservation Week Special episode now available

The full half hour programme is now available to view. I hope you enjoy the exciting wildlife and breathtaking scenery. I’m so glad we got the Archey’s frogs into the show because they have a remarkable story to tell, and whizzing about after takahe shows just how exciting being a wildlife biologist can be but as we could have predicted, the kakapo stole the show, and Manu, who we filmed was an absolute star aided by beautiful Anchor Island and a stunning afternoons worth of weather.

There isn’t a YouTube version yet but you can download straight from the TVNZ website through this link:

Thanks also for all the very kind and positive feedback, it’s really great to know that the programme had impact and that the message came across loud and clear: we are only going to have those wildplaces and species that we look after and we need public (and private sector) support to make that happen.

~ by motolorax on September 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Meet the Locals Conservation Week Special episode now available”

  1. Love the cartoon of you running perkily across NZ 😀

    Great programme too of course 🙂

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