1080, one of our best mainland pest management tools

Toxin use to control pest species for biodiversity protection is a fairly hot topic in NZ. It’s possibly more of a hot topic than it should be because as conservationists we’re just not very good at arguing against those motivated by agendas rather than cold, hard data. Graeme, in typically simple and modest terms describes some recent results of bird monitoring pre and post toxin applications:

and yet some groups and individuals will still claim reality is contrary to the results, which goes to show how successful and sustainable conservation rests as much on our ability to shift our position in the public consciousness as it does on the good science needed to underpin it.

~ by motolorax on September 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “1080, one of our best mainland pest management tools”

  1. 1080 is certainly a hot topic for pest control management in New Zealand, I guess there are pros and cons for using it though

    • Indeed. Pros and cons, and like many tools, if properly used has a quantifiable, and in most cases acceptable ratio of risk to benifit to make it the optimal method. Of course, as soon as political agendas get involved all objective discussion goes out the window, on one side of the argument and even a little on the other. Good science and an honest approach to the objectives and outcomes is the only way forward.

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