This is Why

Basically it’s a game, but a game with significant consequences. International Law, pitched against Russian Federation Law, pitched against the ability of the media to promulgate a sense of responsibility and reaction in the masses in response to the reporting on actions such as those of the Arctic Sunrise, against the overwhelming media noise of shock and outrage at the latest military action, social injustice, sickening crime or lotto win. Species go extinct on a daily basis and the Arctic Ice and glacial retreat tell us significant forces are in motion on planet earth. Whilst governments the world over keep their focus firmly fixed on economic growth and GDP at the exclusion of all other factors influencing current and future well-being for ourselves and those we share the planet with, we spin ever closer to a dark future.  We are now seven billion humans trying to survive and persist on this small planet and change is coming whether we like it or not.  It won’t be an apocalypse, it will be the slow but steady accumulation of social and environmental impacts and economic stressors we are already seeing.

A cuttlefish watching me watching him. Photo James Reardon

A cuttlefish watching me watching him. Photo James Reardon



~ by motolorax on September 29, 2013.

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