The best commute in the world

I wanted to put this video here for two of my best friends, one of whom still has to suffer the grinding misery of commuting into London each day, and for the other who is a true mountain man in spirit and actions – these are mountains that can satisfy!

There’s no doubt I’m a lucky man and amazing trips like this are part of my work. Here we were changing rangers over on Anchor Island in Fiordland. This island is extremely special as it is pest free, with none of the introduced predators that are common on mainland New Zealand and which have wreaked havoc on the delicate ecosystems of this amazing South Pacific island. As a result Anchor is one of the key locations for endangered species management, and thus is one of the few places on earth where kakapo, a giant flightless parrot, live in relative safety.

~ by motolorax on December 10, 2009.

One Response to “The best commute in the world”

  1. Hey, I take up the challenge. Next time we get a helicopter to come up to Northern Pindos i will make sure to film it for you.

    The pilot is a pretty good adrenaline junky too! It looks pretty close he is going to those cliffs!!

    njoy mate, we miss you here on the continent

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